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Supplying Design Artwork / Files

How to get your designs to Griffin Signs

General Guidance

Some of the products in our catalogue will require you to supply some artwork for printing. To make sure we can get these from you as quickly as possible, we provide a secure upload tool within your My Account area.

To upload artwork, click the relevant order in your My Account Home page, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

There's no limit to how many different files you can provide, but please try and group multiple designs into one layout wherever possible.



Though we will review your artwork to make sure it meets the requirements of your chosen product, you should make sure it's exactly as you want it before uploading. We cannot accept responsibility for mistakes that arise from artwork design errors.

Accepted Formats

We accept:

  • All image files

  • Adobe Illustrator files (.ai)

  • Adobe Photoshop files (.psd)

  • Encapsulated PostScript files (.eps)

  • Portable Document Format files (.pdf)

Each file must be less than 20MB at the point of uploading. If your file is larger than 20MB, please contact us.

Where relevant, you should convert all fonts and text to outlines, and use the highest resolution/quality setting.

When working with graphics that contain detailed illustrations or text, .ai and .eps files are considered best.


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